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heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

How's my driving guys?

This is for Aradia Megido who is post God-Tier.

Do you have any comments about how I play? Anything I might be doing wrong? Here's where you can contact me about anything that has to do with my portrayal of her.

Anon should be on. IP logging off.

Please only constructive criticism or comments. Trolling will be ignored/deleted.

I always reply back.

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heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

Player Information

Name: Kim
Age: 20
AIM SN: xsmokinbombx
MSN: crescentmoon275@hotmail.com
Plurk: RakuRanger
email: crescentdrops@gmail.com

Mayfield_RPG Information

Housing: 626 Topper Street
Deaths: None
Family: Samuel 'Sokora' Algers(Father)
Job: N/A
[♈] Troll Attributes
[ ] God Tier
[♈] Psychic Powers
[ ] Communication with the dead
[ ] Ouija Modus
[♈] Aries T-Shirt
[♈] Lusus
[ ] Wallet
[ ] Dad Egbert's Hat
[ ] Whip
[♈] Aradiabot body
Arrival: October 2011
Note: This information only applies to mayfield_rpg and is not applicable to any other game.

Character Information

Canon Source: Homestuck
Canon Format: Webcomic
Character's Name: Aradia Megido
Age: 6 Alternian Solar Sweeps (13 Earth Years)
Character History:

AbilitiesCollapse )

PersonalityCollapse )

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

Due to the nature of Mayfield being a journal based game. This log will be to keep an accurate track of any posts, logs, or threads that Aradia has participated in.

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

Backtagging: Of course!
Threadhopping: I'm completely fine with this.
Fourthwalling: If Game rules allow fourthwalling, then I don't mind. Please refrain otherwise.
Offensive subjects: I'm probably fine with it, but if you're unsure, feel free to ask!

Hugging this character: Hugs are fine!
Kissing this character: Sure! Because this series was all about sloppy makeouts anyways fff-
Flirting with this character: It's fine, but she probably won't actually realize you're flirting with her.
Romantic interest toward this character: Sure! But please check with me whether an actual relationship is possible or not. It's likely I have plans already.

Fighting with this character: Bring it!
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): I am always cool with this. Because I am terrible.
Killing this character: Please run it by me and ask first. I'll probably say yes though. Because I am terrible. :T
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure. If we're going to any extremities, run it by me?
Revealing that character's future or intended fate in the games: Sure, but she doesn't care. She'll probably know it herself as the Maid of Time.
Warnings: None as of yet.

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Afternoon; Phone

Hey...Uhm...it's pretty chilly isn't it? I didn't know it could get so cold! It's...well actually I don't like it. I shiver a lot and I don't want to get unwell.

But that's not why I'm making this call actually! By any chance, has anyone spoken to Sollux lately? I mean, I might just be overreacting, but I haven't really seen or heard from him. Usually he talks to me.

I'm just really worried. He's my matesprit you see! I think it's kind of like a boyfriend in human terms??? But, that means he's really important to me! If you've talked to him really recently or you see him, tell him that Aradia really misses him. Oh and that he's totally lame for making me worry so much! Unless there's a reason why he hasn't been around. Then don't tell him he's lame haha. I don't actually think he's lame anyways.

[A slight sniffle, whether it from the cold or something else before she hangs up.]

♈ AA: Late Afternoon; Action at the Park

[She's all bundled up with the scarf from Kanaya wrapped tightly around her neck. She'll be heading back home soon.

She's been wandering the town all day after her call to see if she can find Sollux. No luck of course.

She's sitting on the bench. She wants to play in the snow, but she hates to think what might happen after. She's sure her new mother unit will be angry at her. She'd obviously get sick in such weather!

So she's just sitting here and rubbing her gloved hands together. Gosh, it's cold! She seems to be sulking though. Not the usual, chipper Aradia.]

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Morning; Action at 626 Topper Street
[The first thing Aradia did was run outside of her human hive to look around. Everything was back to normal. It was actually kind of weird how quickly things fixed itself.

What Aradia didn't notice yet is the fact that she's no longer human looking. She doesn't seem to really pay attention as she's found that she's late for school and she's already rushing herself out to get there on time. Looks like Aradiabot is back, but with the same happy personality Aradia still has.]

♈ AA: Afternoon; School
[Aradia arrived at school fine and she's going through the hallways like no one's business. Perhaps you're looking at awe and confusion at a strange young girl robot in your class? Maybe you want to point out to Aradia of the change as she seems to be more then oblivious to it.]

I think I might have missed a class. Do you know we might have done for it?

We can talk about it at the inside eating establishment area. I mean cafeteria.

♈ AA: Late Afternoon; Phone

Oh, uhm! If you see me around, I'm fine. Great. I'm not super creepy or just okay with everything! I think this place must be trolling me or something.

Or maybe this must be what happens when I die. Maybe I just end up back like this. It's hard to explain! If you see a metal robot with horns and long hair, that's me! As in Aradia. I just don't want to surprise anyone or anything. I guess I'm a little upset, but it could be worst. I can fly again, so that's pretty fun.

Honestly, I have no idea how to feel about this. It feels funny.

Is everyone okay by the way? I don't think I've talked to anyone since all that crazy stuff a few days ago.

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Anytime; Action Anywhere
[She's completely disoriented. She's got her troll body back for some reason. She's glad she did though. The air is terrible and everything seems a lot harsher suddenly.

She's already left her destroyed home and is venturing out onto the sidewalk. Her gaze is fixed upon the cloud on the horizon.

Aradia knows that she should probably go find her friends first, but her curiosity is piqued. She can find them in a minute! Instead, she's running down the street and towards the horizon, where she can see the pillar-like cloud. She looks around her, seeing all the homes destroyed and all the dead drones. Hopefully they're all just drones and no one else.]

That doesn't look right!

[The closer she runs towards her destination though...the more she realizes what she's hearing.] There's screaming over there! I can hear it! [But she can only make it to the limits.] What is that?

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Late Morning; Phone

Is everyone feeling better now? I hope so! Everyone was in a bit of a frenzy and I was really worried about everyone.

Maybe we can do something fun to get past it. That sounds like a good idea right? We shouldn't get stuck on all those negative feelings! Things really aren't that bad! It was just a really huge bump or something!

I saw that there's an environmental, recreational area that would be suitable for outside activities. I think we'd be able to play there right? Does anyone want to do that?

♈ AA: Afternoon; Action at the Park

[So Aradia was given a jump rope by the drone mom in her house and was ushered off to the park.

Except...Aradia doesn't know what a jump rope is. Instead, she has taken one of the hats from the closet in her hive and is now running around the park with that hat jammed on her head and using the jump rope as a whip.] This isn't a very good whip! I wonder if there's supposed to be an alternate use to this item.

[Even so, she'll continue her fun in the park.]

♈ AA: Late Afternoon; Action around the Town

[Being the good girl she is, she's picked a whole bunch of flowers from around the park and she's giving them to anyone that looks like they might be feeling down. Nothing like trying to bring some cheer to others.] Here you go! you look like you could use something to cheer you up.

I have read and seen that humans often enjoy picked decorative plant-life as gifts to make others feel better. I hope that it helps!

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Morning; Action at 626 Topper Street

[Aradia is sitting at the dining table, eating food. Her hair is done in two long pigtails. She just really has a lot of hair, and maybe this was not a good idea. But Dave said she should wear her hair up like so! And the drone mom seemed more then happy to tie her hair up for school.

She's munching on some toast, swinging her head side to side a bit in a distracted manner.

Her clothes...are less fortunate. Her socks are mismatched so she's wearing a red sock and a black one. On top of that, she's wearing her Aries shirt along with what looks to be a flower patterned skirt. The flowers are a bunch of gaudy colors. The scrunchies in her hair are bright orange and purple.

She looks terrible, and she doesn't even realize it as she eats her toast and hurries to school. Really, she just wanted to wear the black skirt, but the drone mom insisted on this one.]

♈ AA: Afternoon; Action at School

[Guess who's having a ball at the new school setting? Aradia is. And lunchtime, oh boy! But where should she sit? Does it matter which sitting device she should take?

Perhaps she's sitting by you now, with her little paper lunchbag from home. Perhaps she's walking by you in her terrible array of clothes and hairstyle.

Or maybe she's saying hi to you because you've caught her eye. That is, if her large pigtails haven't hit you in said eye. There's quite a bit of hair on her and pigtails aren't really something she's used to.]

Oh hello! You don't mind if I sit next to you? This is really my first day, and I don't know if there's any specific way of doing this all.

♈ AA: Evening; Phone

School was very interesting! I didn't realize that everyone got together to learn like that. Do older people not attend school? I only saw others around my age and anyone much older seemed to be instructing us instead of learning like us.

I think i will check the book facility for knowledge next time I attend school. Perhaps I can understand more about how the school system works.

heardeadpe0ple [userpic]

♈ AA: Morning; Action at 626 Topper Street

[Clash. Bang. Bang. That's the sound of Aradia running all around the house trying to figure things out. It's probably pretty early in the morning too.]

This is a human hive isn't it! I thought it would look more like Dave's room, but it's not as cool as his. I think. Oh what's this. [Opening the refrigerator. Closes it. Opens all the cabinets around the kitchen.] What are all these things?

♈ AA: Afternoon; Phone

Oh wait. Oh. Is this working? I don't know how exactly these things work. Usually I'd just use text to communicate, but nothing like that is available!

I believe I'm on Earth? This is Earth right? There's a lot of hornless items around. Funny thing, I woke up without horns! And my skin was pink like humans. Does that mean I'm a human kid now? I'm alive though. I'm sure.

Oh! And the sun isn't green here. I don't know what color it is, but it isn't green.

How do we get home though? I don't want to make anyone wait. I'm supposed to be waiting for others at the green sun. This isn't where I should be.

♈ AA: Late Afternoon; Action at Various locations

[After her little chatter on the phone, Aradia can be found running around town. She spends a lot of time staring into windows or even her reflection in them.

Her curiosity is piqued, although she might be trying to find out where she might be.] I don't have any powers. And these streets loop.

What a strange place.

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